Unpaid non-Dealer registrations should not be saved

Issue #6 resolved
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Currently we save people's attendee/group registrations to the database as soon as they fill out the form, then ask them to pay, send them payment reminders if they don't, etc.

Instead, we shouldn't create any kind of database record until we've been hit with the first Paypal callback (or whatever the credit-card equivalent to that is, assuming we go that route). After we've been hit with any kind of Paypal callback, even an incomplete payment or reversal or something, we'll save the record to the database so that admins can look at it while resolving disputes, etc.

Unpaid registrations should still get an entry in the tracking table so that if someone emails us and says "hey I swear I preregistered what gives" then we can tell them exactly when they made their unpaid prereg, etc.

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  1. EliAndrewC reporter

    This is now implemented as described in the ticket. We store your registrations in the session, so things work as before, except that we don't save you to the Attendee table until you actually pay with your credit card (see issue #10).

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