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OWADE cloud-based forensic tool

Welcome to the OWADE (Offline Windows Analyzer and Data Extractor) project.


Owade was presented at the Blackhat USA 2011. You can download the slides and the white paper from here.


The OWADE team is composed of


Warning While OWADE DPAPI engine is stable, OWADE is in alpha version and is only available by checking out the code directly as we update it very frequently. Note that the current version has only been tested on ubuntu 10.10 against Windows XP drives. When we reach a stable version we will release a tgz.

Bugs and Contribution

If you find a bug, please fill out a bug request in our tracker. If you have the time to write a patch or a new module we will be glad to incorporate it in OWADE. The best way to contribute is to fork the OWADE project on bitbucket, merge your patch on the fork and when you are happy with it will merge your modification to the main project after reviewing your changes.

Note that we are currently working on rewriting a lot of OWADE internals so it will be easier for you to write your own module. The new architecture and its documentation should be available at the end of August 2011.


We decided to release OWADE as a GPL project as we believe that we should not prevent you from accessing or modifying it the way you want. However we put a lot of our time and effort into developing OWADE and its DPAPI engine so if you find this tool or its engine useful please support us with a donation.