Georg Brandl committed 43d73e5

Allow server_names with and without trailing slashes.

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-    :authors: 2007-2008 Georg Brandl <>,
+    :authors: 2007-2010 Georg Brandl <>,
               2006 Armin Ronacher <>,
               2006 Matt Good <>,
               2005 Raphael Slinckx <>
     import xmlrpclib
     if _xmlrpc_service is None:
-            _xmlrpc_service = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(_server_name + '/xmlrpc/',
+            _xmlrpc_service = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(_server_name + 'xmlrpc/',
         except Exception, err:
             fail('Could not connect to Pastebin: %s' % err, -1)
     # The global available server name
     _server_name = opts.server_name
+    if not _server_name.endswith('/'):
+        _server_name += '/'
     # special modes of operation:
     # - paste script version
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