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two little more URL corrections

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File lodgeit/views/new_paste.html

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     <div id="multi-file-information">{% trans %}
       You have selected the multi-file highlighter.  This highlighter allows
       you to paste multiple different files that belong together.  For more
-      information have a look at <a href="/help/advanced/">the advanced
+      information have a look at <a href="{{ url('static/help', topic='advanced') }}">the advanced
       features help page</a>.
     {% endtrans %}</div>

File lodgeit/views/show_paste.html

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           <input type="text" name="new" value="#">
           <input type="submit" value="{% trans %}compare{% endtrans %}">
-        <li>{% trans %}select different colorscheme{% endtrans %} <form action="/colorscheme/" method="post">
+        <li>{% trans %}select different colorscheme{% endtrans %} <form action="{{ url('pastes/set_colorscheme') }}" method="post">
           <select name="style">
           {%- for key, caption in styles|dictsort %}
             <option value="{{ key }}"{% if key == style