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LodgeIt hangs when replying private pastes

created an issue

To reproduce:

  1. create a private paste

  2. try to write a paste replying to it

In debug mode is a loop with this query:

2010-11-30 16:23:37,374 INFO sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine.0x...5650 ('NVZbzntwttWOrZy9adAa',) 2010-11-30 16:23:37,376 INFO

sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine.0x...5650 UPDATE pastes SET private_id=? WHERE pastes.paste_id = ? 2010-11-30 16:23:37,376 INFO

sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine.0x...5650 ('ZnqmvnfGLt5DIUmLG9g4', 4) 2010-11-30 16:23:37,377 INFO

sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine.0x...5650 SELECT pastes.paste_id AS pastes_paste_id, pastes.code AS pastes_code, pastes.parent_id AS pastes_parent_id, pastes.pub_date AS pastes_pub_date, pastes.language AS pastes_language, pastes.user_hash AS pastes_user_hash, pastes.handled AS pastes_handled, pastes.private_id AS pastes_private_id FROM pastes WHERE pastes.private_id = ? LIMIT 1 OFFSET 0

Comments (8)

  1. Anonymous

    Here's the fix for you guys. In lodgeit/models.py, find

                while 1:
                    self.private_id = generate_paste_hash()
                    paste = Paste.query.filter(Paste.private_id ==
                    if paste is None:

    And replace with

                while 1:
                    private_id = generate_paste_hash()
                    paste = Paste.query.filter(Paste.private_id ==
                    if paste is None:
                        self.private_id = private_id
  2. Anonymous

    Confirmed that Anonymous' fix does work for me as well. This was bringing down lodgeit pretty frequently for us. Thanks for the fix!

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