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I just followed the README to install lodgeit on my own server. But when I launch it by doing :

{{{ python runserver }}}

It stops here :

{{{ /var/www/lodgeit/lodgeit# python runserver * Running on http://localhost:5000/ * Restarting with reloader }}} And do nothing...

Any guess ?

FYI : Debian Squeeze ARM

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  1. Anonymous

    I got this :

    (111) Connection refused

    But I opened the adress not on my server since there is no interface I tried by a client. Indeed when I check by doing :

    w3m http://localhost:5000

    I've got the the interface.

    So how can I open the interface from a client ?

  2. Anonymous

    Just playing with this and I found you have to start it with

    python runserver -h

    Replace with your servers IP address is.

    This makes it listen to request from more than just

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