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There is a problem with detecting extra bees and magic bees in 1.38.49 I believe there is a bug in the code. This seems to be an issue since 1.38.45, but a similar issue exists before that, just that its not detecting magic bees.

This is the code that I believe has the problem, located in I believe MagicBees should be replace by ExtraBees in this line

Block ebHives = GameRegistry.findBlock((String)"MagicBees", (String)"hive");

And ExtraBees should be replace by MagicBees in this line

Block magicHives = GameRegistry.findBlock((String)"ExtraBees", (String)"hive");
   public static boolean generateExtraBeesHives() {
        Block ebHives = GameRegistry.findBlock((String)"MagicBees", (String)"hive");
        if (ebHives != null) {
            extraBeesHives = new ItemStack(ebHives, 1, 0);
  "Compatibility OK!: Extra Bees");
            return true;
        }"Compatibility FAIL!: Extra Bees");
        return false;

    public static boolean generateMagicBeesHives() {
        Block magicHives = GameRegistry.findBlock((String)"ExtraBees", (String)"hive");
        if (magicHives != null) {
            magicBeesHives = new ItemStack(magicHives, 1, 0);
  "Compatibility OK!: Magic Bees");
            return true;

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  1. Christopher Mullins

    @Erasmus_Crowley, any chance this can get patched? I was going to patch it for my server, but it looks like I'm running on a more recent version of Ex Nihilo than is available on Bitbucket (1.38, what's here seems to be 1.37).

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