Game mechanics: Round beginning - Day/Night

Issue #32 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Make it an option for rounds to start as a day under the game creator. In most games, players don't have enough knowledge to be able to put down a well reasoned vote the first day anyway, and the first night's death does not contribute to anything. Admittedly, this change will not change much, but players will appreciate that nobody dies before the game really starts.

Story-wise, if rounds until now have started as nights because the villagers supposedly don't know there's werewolves in the village until they have killed, this can be solved with some intro of someone else being killed, or other signs there is a werewolf(s) in town.

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  1. Kent-Rune Henriksen repo owner

    I've already planned to do this, but I will now work harder to make it happen as soon as possible! :) And I love your suggestion to how we can get the story to match without killing a player. Thanks

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