Notification center (including email notifications)

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Kent-Rune Henriksen
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Notification bar/center on site and the ability to get emails on round updates/personal messages/replies in forums:

  • At once
  • Every hour
  • Every day
  • Every week (any point in this one?)

What should users be able to be notified about?

  • New private messages
  • New games
  • New games in their language
  • New games created by their friends
  • When friends join a game
  • When there are new messages in a round you are part of (and still alive).
  • When your name is mentioned in a round.

Should users be able to not receive messages from mods/admins? How should messages from mods/admins be sent? E-mail or inbox? Probably as an inbox message, and if mail notifications are enabled for inbox then send to mail too. Easy non-intruding setting.

Implement easy method for adding additional notifications.

notify($user, $type, $message);

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