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Add roles: Traitor/Mole

Kent-Rune Henriksen
repo owner created an issue

Traitor, Possessed, Undercover Cop, Godfather, etc.

The Traitor is not a mafioso (in that he does not awake at night and is not revealed as a mafioso by Detective type roles), but works to protect them and hamper the town during the day cycle, and wins only with a Mafia victory.[24] Conversely, the Undercover Cop is a mole within the Mafia group who acts with the Mafia but wins with the innocents. The stool pigeon may be the only optional role in play,[25] and makes up one of the few modern game forms to be played without an investigative role. Distinct from the alignment-role Godfather, the double-agent Godfather behaves as a standard mafioso, but wakes again (after the Mafia sleep) to perform an extra kill. This Godfather-role wins only if he survives.

I'm not really sure about this yet. I think it could be fun, but it'll add some complexity. What about the names? Traitor for the villager that wins with the wolves? But what about mole? That doesn't sound very townish/villagery.

Low priority. Additional feedback/comments appreciated.

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