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 <dl class="docutils">
 <dt><a class="reference external" href="https://bitbucket.org/EricFromCanada/ericfromcanada.bitbucket.org/raw/default/bash/keyputter.sh">keyputter.sh</a></dt>
-<dd>Handy if you have a bunch of servers you need to install your SSH key onto.</dd>
+<dd>Handy if you have a bunch of servers you need to install your SSH key onto and
+don't have ssh-copy-id.</dd>
 <dt><a class="reference external" href="https://bitbucket.org/EricFromCanada/ericfromcanada.bitbucket.org/raw/default/bash/svn-user-htdigest.sh">svn-user-htdigest.sh</a></dt>
 <dd>Use this to generate an htdigest file of users from an svnserve passwd file.
 Useful if you have a Trac installation using HTTPAuth and you need to grant
 reveal are displayed.</p>
 <p class="last"><a class="reference external" href="http://www.treefrog.ca/">See it in action</a></p>
+<dt><a class="reference external" href="https://github.com/isagalaev/highlight.js">Lasso lexer for highlight.js</a></dt>
+<dd>Contributed a lexer for the Lasso programming language for <a class="reference external" href="http://softwaremaniacs.org/soft/highlight/en/">highlight.js</a>, a
+JS-based syntax highlighter. Expect to see it in the next release.</dd>
+<div class="section" id="lasso">
+<dl class="docutils">
+<dt><cite>sphinxifier.lasso &lt;https://bitbucket.org/EricFromCanada/ericfromcanada.bitbucket.org/raw/default/lasso/sphinxifier.lasso&gt;</cite></dt>
+<dd>Script for generating API documentation for Sphinx directly from Lasso code.
+(Mostly a proof-of-concept at this point.)</dd>
 <div class="section" id="python">
 and request handling components.</dd>
 <dt><a class="reference external" href="https://bitbucket.org/EricFromCanada/pygments-main">Lasso lexer for Pygments</a></dt>
 <dd>Contributed a lexer for the Lasso programming language for the <a class="reference external" href="http://pygments.org/">Pygments</a>
-syntax highlighter. Expect to see it included in Pygments 1.6.</dd>
+syntax highlighter. It's included in Pygments 1.6.</dd>
 <p>Find me on <a class="reference external" href="https://twitter.com/EricFromCanada">Twitter</a>.</p>