Etienne Perot committed db03d32

Final file name goes through sys.getfilesystemencoding() first

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 from dThread import *
 from dSpawn import *
 from dTubes import *
-import unicodedata
+import os, sys, unicodedata
 DV.file_ext = {
 		return tmpfilename
 	def getfinalfilename(self, path, prefix, ext):
 		ext = DamnUnicode(ext)
-		prefix = DamnUnicode(prefix)
+		prefix = DamnUnicode(prefix).encode(sys.getfilesystemencoding(), errors='ignore').decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding())
 		path = DamnUnicode(path)
+		Damnlog('Checking prefix', prefix, '/ Full path:', path + prefix + ext)
 		if not os.path.exists(path + prefix + ext):
 			return prefix
 		c = 2
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