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MAC Changer Hiding Identification And Transposing OUIs


macchiato is a Bash script that assigns a random MAC address to specified network interfaces. It is meant to run at boot time.

Its twist is that the MAC addresses it assigns to network interfaces is limited to a few OUI prefixes. A MAC address's first 3 bytes indicates the manufacturer of the hardware, as defined by the IEEE's OUI registry. As such, attempting to randomize this part of the MAC address by simply picking a random sequence of 3 bytes uniformly results very often in MAC addresses that aren't registered to any publicized OUI, which is a very strong indication that the user is using a spoofed MAC address.

Trying to be smarter about it by restricting the subset of 3-byte sequences to registered OUIs only is a good step, but many of the companies associated with those OUIs are obscure, and often have gone bankrupt or have manufactured very few chips. As such, seeing a MAC address from them is almost certainly a giveaway that the user is using a spoofed MAC address.

macchiato lets you define which network interfaces you want to use a spoofed MAC, and which classes of OUI prefixes the random MAC addresses should use. For example, you can restrict your laptop's onboard wireless interface to only be assigned MAC addresses that are actually found in laptop wireless chips.


If you need reasons as to why spoofing your MAC address can be a good thing, read this blog post on the subject or the Wikipedia article about it.

If you need reasons as to why you should use this over manual configuration or machchanger, you shouldn't. This script uses the ip command to do the actual MAC address assignment. The only thing you get out of it is control over the prefix of the MAC addresses assigned to each interface. This yields more believable spoofed MAC addresses. It also lets you define a blacklist of OUI prefixes you never want to see assigned to your network interface.


Install it

The Arch way:

$ yaourt -S macchiato-git

The other way:

$ git clone git:// /usr/share/macchiato

Configure it

$ sudo cp /etc/macchiato.d/{,}
$ sudo $EDITOR /etc/macchiato.d/

The file you just copied should contain all the information you need.

Generate udev rules

$ sudo /usr/share/macchiato/


macchiato is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license


  • iproute2
  • Name idea by Esky
  • All the folks who helped gathering OUIs in the wild