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Welcome to chipmunkd

chipmunkd is a direct port of the 2D physics engine chipmunk from plain C to the D programming language. I tried to change as little as possible while porting to be able to benchmark C vs. D directly and to make patching the port as easy as possible when a new release of the original library is published.

I however plan on creating and maintaining a branch of the lib where i gonna convert some parts of the library to a more D'ish flavour. That way the spoilt D coder does not have to live without operators and a single class that holds the state of the engine rather than some random global variables.


  • direct port of Chipmunk 2D physics engine
  • pure D2 code, no bindings, no external library
  • tested to compile with DMD up to 2.064 beta 4
  • current base version: chipmunk 5.3.5


The direct port of Chipmunk 5.3.5 is finished. It is tested using the demos of the Chipmunk package.

The 6.0.0 port is in the making and far from usable or even buildable. Please use the default branch and the tagged versions since they are stable.


  • add operator overloads to vector type
  • cleanup the port as it is rough C defines are just commented out and such things
  • use more native language constructs where possible
  • benchmark, profile and optimize