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RogueSharp.Random Namespace

Interfaces and classes for dealing with pseudo random number generation and dice. Includes predictable random number generation to be substituted in when running unit tests.


Class Description
DotNetRandom A class implementing IRandom which used for generating pseudo-random numbers using the System.Random class from the .Net framework
GaussianRandom A class implementing IRandom which uses the Box-Muller transformation to help generate Gaussian pseudo-random numbers
KnownSeriesRandom A class implementing IRandom which cycles through a specified series of integers each time the Next random number is asked for.
MaxRandom A class implementing IRandom which always returns the highest possible result
MinRandom A class implementing IRandom which always returns the lowest possible result
RandomState A class representing the state of a pseudo-random number generation algorithm at a point in time. This POCO (Plain Old C# Object) can be easily serialized and deserialized
Singleton The Singleton class is a public static class that holds the DefaultRandom generator.


Interface Description
IRandom An Interface for pseudo-random number generators to implement. Useful when mocking out systems for tests, as the the random number generator can be swapped for a mock implimentation that returns known and expected values

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