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  2. redboxapp


This project is a template project to make a game using the RedBox engine. 

For any help:
http://redboxengine.com (Documentation / wiki)
http://anhero.net/forum/ (Forum)

If you find a bug:
http://bugs.anhero.net/ (bug tracker)

For license detail see the wiki or license.txt

Project structure:
- application/ 			(Your code goes there)
	Loader.h 			(Edit this file to load your game)
- resources/ 			(Your resources goes there. Ex: soundFX, art, etc.)
- ide/ 					(ide projects, we are implementing CMake to generate those project automaticly, so we won't need this folder in the near future)
- libraries/ 			(put your needed libraries there, it should at least contain the redbox engine)