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Welcome, again

Welcome to the world of python magic.

One thing you should know: Agatusma isn't web framework, it isn't bug collection of scripts, it's just a tool for modular development, which gives you all needed functionality for it.

What it means?

You can use it for all types of applications: from web to applied applications, from system to twisted applications.

Just imagine it!

You dont need to think about separating of you idea and implementation of separation. You just need to split your idea into modules, define what your module wants, what provides. For defining of "depending" and "providing" you need just to define simple Interfaces.

Important information


Naming convention


What my application needs?

  1. Main file, which loads agatsuma etc. Invariant file. As i think, will be deprecated by some reasons.
  2. Main configuration file, which defines which modules we need to load, settings of modules, of project.
  3. Main module directory.
    1. Main Module, which implements one of "starter" modules.
    2. Starter module specific files (like folders public, templates and others in the pylons, but different for each starter modules).
  4. Other modules directory
    1. Module X directory
      1. Module X module file
      2. Module X other files
    2. Module Y directory
      1. Module Y module file
      2. Module Y other files

In general: settings, main module, other modules.

For example:


Imagine it again!

It's harder if you have no modules at start, but what if we give you big collection of modules? You can use it how you want! It's really simple and dont need to make shit code and adapters! It's cool, isn't it?



It is theory of using this framework in right way. Most use-cases w/o realization, but with solutions "to implement".

In dev

Dependency system

Auth system

Core Extensions

WSGI Applications idea

System overview

xmind To be continued.


Current refactoring tasks