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LATEST BETA VERSION: AE2-TechAddOn 1.0-b73 for MC 1.7.10

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What is AE2-TechAddOn?

AE2 Tech Add-On is an Add-On to Applied Energistics 2 which adds new machines and items that are designed to interact with the AE2 Grid. AE2 Tech Add-On was designed with the idea of automation in mind, making it easier to automate such things as an ore processing facility.

Creating an Issue

AE2-TechAddOn crashes every time? Have a suggestion? Found a bug? Create an issue now!

  1. Make sure your issue hasn't already been answered or fixed. Also think about whether your issue is a valid one before submitting it.
  2. Go to the issues page.
  3. Click Create Issue.
  4. Enter your Issue's title (something that summarizes your issue), and then create a detailed description or use this helpful webpage to create your issue.
    • If you are reporting a bug report from an unofficial version, make sure you include the following:
      • Commit SHA (usually located in a changelog or the jar name itself)
      • ForgeModLoader log (in the form of a pastebin)
      • Server log if applicable
      • Detailed description of the bug and pictures if applicable
  5. Click Create Issue, and wait for feedback!