Pandas Dataframe with timestamp series fails to convert

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Mark created an issue

Now that I have the awesome PythonInR running in Windows 10, I am able to transfer dataframes from pandas in python to R unless that dataframe contains a timestamp series. When I try to pull in a dataframe with a column of this type, I get the following error:

annot coerce class ""PythonObject"" to a data.frame[1] "cannot coerce class \"\"PythonObject\"\" to a data.frame"
[1] "errorMessage"

If I drop that column from my pandas dataframe and then attempt


the dataframe returns to R as expected, so I know the problem with that column. Any ideas?

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  1. Florian Schwendinger repo owner

    timestamp series are currently not supported by PythonInR the easiest solution is to type cast this column to string and import afterwards.

    pyExec("index = pd.date_range('2000-1-1', periods=10, freq='M')")
    pyGet("[str(i) for i in index]")

    But thank you for the hint I will put it in the next PythonInR version.

  2. Mark reporter

    Awesome, Florian. That did the trick! Thank you so much for the tip. I really appreciate it! Any idea when you have the next release slated for?

    Thanks again for putting out such a really great package!

  3. Mark reporter

    One last thing too: is it possible to pass parameters to external python code? If not, that would be really great for a future release. Something like:

    pyExecfile(filename, key1=value1, key2=value2, . . . , keyn=valuen)

    where the key value pairs are passed into the .py file to pass into the python program. This would really come in handy for the secret API keys that I show in my code in issue #14.


  4. Mark reporter

    Thinking more about this I guess I could just set up my .py script as a function and make a call to is with pyFunction.


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