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Gregory Way created an issue

Hi @Floooo

I am trying to add your package to conda-forge, so that I am able to use your library in a conda environment. It will be very helpful to do so!

Myself and a few conda maintainers are working through creating the conda recipe in a pull request on Github (here:

We are having some trouble getting the package to pass continuous integration. It seems to fail at building version py35r3.3.2_0

Two conda maintainers (isuruf and mingwandroid) think they may know why its failing. The discussion starts here and references this line.

I am not an expert with this, but I was wondering if you think this would solve our problems creating the recipe (and possibly help with python 3.5 installation in general?)

Thanks! Greg

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  1. Florian Schwendinger repo owner

    Hi @gwaygenomics !

    I have to look at it!

    What I can say for now, is replacing

    PYLIBS="PKG_LIBS="`$PYBINPATH/python$PYVERSION-config --ldflags`


    PYLIBS="PKG_LIBS="`$PYBINPATH/python -c 'import sysconfig; print(" ".join(sysconfig.get_config_var("LDSHARED").split()[1:]))'`

    breaks my build process.

    Since sysconfig.get_config_var("LDSHARED") gives far less information than python-config --ldflags.

    Thank you for trying to getting PythonInR to run with conda!

  2. Gregory Way reporter

    Hi @Floooo - two suggestions from the github issue:

    1. Maybe the combination of python3-config --libs and python -c 'import sysconfig; print(" ".join(sysconfig.get_config_var("LDSHARED").split()[1:]))' would work in this case.

    2. We need to see exactly what the error was here!

    If its not too much trouble, would you be willing to post your error message in the issue?

    Thanks again!

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