Issue converting Python Dataframe to R dataframe

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Issue #8 resolved
Puneet Jindal created an issue

After running a python code from a file I am trying to convert python dataframe(final_df) to R dataframe and assign to an r object b


Can you provide me a solution to get the python dataframe seamless conversion to R dataframe

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  1. Florian Schwendinger repo owner

    The new version of PythonInR is on R-Forge

    install.packages("PythonInR", repos="") the bitbucket Version and cran Version are slightly outdated. But the new Version can do this, you find a full transformation table of the predefined transformations on and examples of the new functions on

    Best Florian

  2. Florian Schwendinger repo owner

    If you run into any troubles please write me, due to time constraints I didn't had time to test the new version as much as the one published on cran.

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