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  1. Florian Pommerening
  • start branch staterepresentation
  • move registration of states out of registry
  • Duplicate per state information accessors for State
  • switch heuristic cache to State class
  • switch notify state transition to State class
  • switch convert_global_state to State class
  • rename convert_global_state
  • move unpacking out of heuristics
  • get search nodes from unpacked data
  • switch goal check to unpacked states
  • use unpacked data to access per state info
  • remove unused methods
  • remove overload for packed states in pruning methods
  • remove overload for packed states in landmark heuristic
  • use unpacked states in successor generation
  • remove unused overloads
  • remove unused field
  • remove more dead code
  • store state in evaluation cache
  • move to unpacked states everywhere outside of state registry
  • Commit status

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