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  1. Florian Pommerening
  • start branch issue348
  • make states cheap to copy by using a shared pointer to their data
  • Store state in evaluation context instead of evaluation cache
  • Add StateHandle class and use it to access per state information
  • switch SearchSpace::get_node to StateID
  • Avoid state copy by storing a state in search nodes (created on demand)
  • Add handle to state class
  • use unpacked states for path dependent heuristics
  • switch compute_heuristic from GlobalState to State
  • extend interface of StateRegistry to unpacked states
  • make StateRegistry interface for unpacked states independent of GlobalState
  • use unpacked states in search engines
  • remove interface for GlobalState in StateRegistry
  • rename interface for unpacked states
  • keep unpacked and packed data synchronized instead of unpacking at the end of successor generation
  • remove global state
  • Only unpack parent state in lazy search when it is needed for path-dependent evaluators
  • remove dead code
  • remove packed state interface for axiom evaluator
  • Allow to generate unregistered successor states on tasks with axioms
  • Commit status

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