Symfony Installation Powered By Docksal

This is a sample application installation pre-configured for use with Docksal.

Setup instructions

Step #1: Docksal environment setup

This is a one time setup - skip this if you already have a working Docksal environment.

Follow Docksal environment setup instructions

Step #2: Project setup

  1. Clone this repo into your Projects directory

    git clone symfony-crud-demo
    cd symfony-crud-demo
  2. Initialize the site

    This will initialize local settings and install the site connection file.

    fin init
  3. Point your browser to http://symfony-crud-demo.docksal


  1. With PHPUnit from phpunit.xml.dist file:

    fin phpunit
  2. With bash from .docksal/commands/test file:

    fin test

Other instructions

If You want to recreate database just run fin init-site. To start app use fin start and stop with fin stop.
To remove project from Docksal run fin rm. Read more about Docksal Symfony Skeleton on Github.