Simple_BackUP /

Diff from to

 def Archive(paths):
+    #Create logg objects
     logging.basicConfig(filename=archivepach+'logs'+'_'+date+'.log',format='%(asctime)s %(message)s',level=logging.DEBUG)
     for i in paths:'Start task: '+str(i))
-        tar ='_'+date+".tar", "w")
+        archname=archivepach+str(i)+'_'+date+".tar"
+        tar =, "w")
         for root, dir, files in os.walk(str(paths[i])):
             for file in files:
                 fullpath = os.path.join(root,file) 
                       logging.warning("Error: "+fullpath)'Finish task: '+str(i))
-        body=body+'Job '+str(i)+' is done.\n'
+        # Email body include: name and size of file 'os.stat(archname).st_size'
+        size = os.stat(archname).st_size/1048576 
+        body=body+'Job '+str(i)+' is done.'+'Size:'+str(size)+'Mb'+'\n'
 #Send email          
     modules.Sendemail(fro_m='', to='', body=body , subject='BackUP')
 #Run processing
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