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  2. heroku_test


A play2 webapp to test deploying on heroku


If there are any Chinese characters in views, they will be converted into `???`.

I've set all commands using `-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8`, but it doesn't work.

But Chinese characters in scala files are correct.

You can visit:

1. http://hollow-mist-5518.herokuapp.com

to see the information about encodings in the head. It should be:

	Current file.encoding: UTF8
	Codec.default: UTF-8
	Chinese in view: ??
	Chinese from action: 中文

2. http://hollow-mist-5518.herokuapp.com/test1

to see the source of `app/views/main.scala.html`, you can see the correct Chinese characters:

	<div>Chinese in view: 中文</div>

3. http://hollow-mist-5518.herokuapp.com/test2

to see the generated scala code of `app/views/main.scala.html`, you can see it contains `??` already:

	<div>Chinese in view: ??</div>

It should be something wrong when play2 converting .scala.html to .html on heroku.
Since everything is OK on my computer whose encoding is `GBK`.

PS: If I don't add any encoding config to heroku, the information on front page should be:

	Current file.encoding: ANSI_X3.4-1968
	Codec.default: UTF-8
	Chinese in view: ??
	Chinese from action: 中文


heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL="https://freewind@github.com/freewind/heroku-buildpack-play2.git"