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+ Added smartparens.el config

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 (setq mc/cmds-to-run-for-all
-        kill-region
-        kill-visual-line
+        back-to-indentation-or-beginning
+        end-of-region
+        fill-paragraph
+        scroll-down-command
+        smart-tab
+        tm/pair-backspace
+        tm/pair-insert
 (setq mc/cmds-to-run-once
+        beautify-smex


+(smartparens-global-mode t)
+;; pending deletion. Replace active region with input. This is
+;; virtually `delete-selection-mode' emulation.
+;;; add new pairs
+(sp-add-pair "*" "*")
+;;; global
+(sp-add-ban-insert-pair-in-string "'")
+;;; emacs-lisp-mode
+(sp-add-local-ban-insert-pair "'" 'emacs-lisp-mode)
+(sp-add-local-ban-insert-pair-in-code "`" 'emacs-lisp-mode)
+;; you can also use the (sp-with) macro. It will automatically add the
+;; mode to the end of each call. How cool is that!
+(sp-with 'markdown-mode
+         (sp-add-local-pair '("`" . "`"))
+         (sp-add-local-ban-insert-pair "'")
+         ;; this also disables '*' in all other modes
+         (sp-add-local-allow-insert-pair "*"))
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