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Make C-e bounce to end of longest line in cua rectangle if this is active

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File files/defuns-edit.el

+(defun my-cua-get-longest-line ()
+  (-max (mapcar 'length
+                (split-string
+                 (buffer-substring-no-properties (cua--rectangle-top) (cua--rectangle-bot))
+                 "\n"))))
 (defun my-end-of-code-or-line (&optional arg)
   "Move to the end of code.  If already there, move to the end of line,
 that is after the possible comment.  If at the end of line, move
 If the point is in org table, first go to the last non-whitespace
 of the cell, then to the end of line.
+If CUA rectangle is active, alternate between end of current
+line, end of code, and end of the longest line in rectangle.
   (serious |code here)1 ;; useless commend2
                        (progn (end-of-line-lov)
-                     (point)))))
-        (if (= (point) eoc)
-            (end-of-line-lov)
-          (goto-char eoc)))))))
+                     (point))))
+            ;; end of rectangle in cua-rect mode
+            (eor (when cua--rectangle (my-cua-get-longest-line))))
+        (cond
+         ((= (point) eoc)
+          (end-of-line-lov))
+         ((= (point) (progn (end-of-line-lov) (point)))
+          (if (and cua--rectangle
+                   (/= (1+ (aref cua--rectangle 3)) eor))
+              (cua-resize-rectangle-right (- eor (current-column) 1))
+            (goto-char eoc)))
+         (t (goto-char eoc))))))))