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Fix the keyword indent

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File site-lisp/redef.el

 xdg-open is a desktop utility that calls your preferred web browser.
 This requires you to be running either Gnome, KDE, Xfce4 or LXDE."
+;; redefines the silly indent of keyword lists
+;; before
+;;   (:foo bar
+;;         :baz qux)
+;; after
+;;   (:foo bar
+;;    :baz qux)
+(eval-after-load "lisp-mode"
+  '(defun lisp-indent-function (indent-point state)
+     "This function is the normal value of the variable `lisp-indent-function'.
+The function `calculate-lisp-indent' calls this to determine
+if the arguments of a Lisp function call should be indented specially.
+INDENT-POINT is the position at which the line being indented begins.
+Point is located at the point to indent under (for default indentation);
+STATE is the `parse-partial-sexp' state for that position.
+If the current line is in a call to a Lisp function that has a non-nil
+property `lisp-indent-function' (or the deprecated `lisp-indent-hook'),
+it specifies how to indent.  The property value can be:
+* `defun', meaning indent `defun'-style
+  \(this is also the case if there is no property and the function
+  has a name that begins with \"def\", and three or more arguments);
+* an integer N, meaning indent the first N arguments specially
+  (like ordinary function arguments), and then indent any further
+  arguments like a body;
+* a function to call that returns the indentation (or nil).
+  `lisp-indent-function' calls this function with the same two arguments
+  that it itself received.
+This function returns either the indentation to use, or nil if the
+Lisp function does not specify a special indentation."
+     (let ((normal-indent (current-column)))
+       (goto-char (1+ (elt state 1)))
+       (parse-partial-sexp (point) calculate-lisp-indent-last-sexp 0 t)
+       (if (and (elt state 2)
+                (or (not (looking-at "\\sw\\|\\s_"))
+                    (looking-at ":")))
+           ;; car of form doesn't seem to be a symbol, or is a keyword
+           (progn
+             (if (not (> (save-excursion (forward-line 1) (point))
+                         calculate-lisp-indent-last-sexp))
+                 (progn (goto-char calculate-lisp-indent-last-sexp)
+                        (beginning-of-line)
+                        (parse-partial-sexp (point)
+                                            calculate-lisp-indent-last-sexp 0 t)))
+             ;; Indent under the list or under the first sexp on the same
+             ;; line as calculate-lisp-indent-last-sexp.  Note that first
+             ;; thing on that line has to be complete sexp since we are
+             ;; inside the innermost containing sexp.
+             (backward-prefix-chars)
+             (current-column))
+         (let ((function (buffer-substring (point)
+                                           (progn (forward-sexp 1) (point))))
+               method)
+           (setq method (or (function-get (intern-soft function)
+                                          'lisp-indent-function)
+                            (get (intern-soft function) 'lisp-indent-hook)))
+           (cond ((or (eq method 'defun)
+                      (and (null method)
+                           (> (length function) 3)
+                           (string-match "\\`def" function)))
+                  (lisp-indent-defform state indent-point))
+                 ((integerp method)
+                  (lisp-indent-specform method state
+                                        indent-point normal-indent))
+                 (method
+                  (funcall method indent-point state))))))))