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Fuco  committed 7609910

Add ace-jump (again), jump-char

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File files/keys.el

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             (join-line -1)))
-;; go to char, also mapped to a keychord df
-(bind-key "C-c f" 'iy-go-to-char)
-(bind-key "C-c F" 'iy-go-to-char-backward)
-(bind-key "C-c ;" 'iy-go-to-char-continue)
-(bind-key "C-c ," 'iy-go-to-char-continue-backward)
 ;;; scrollers
 (bind-key "C-c n" 'my-scroll-up)
 (bind-key "C-c p" 'my-scroll-down)

File files/navigation.el

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+(use-package ace-jump-mode
+  :bind (("C-\\" . ace-jump-mode))
+  :config
+  (progn
+    (setq ace-jump-mode-scope 'window)))
+(use-package jump-char
+  :bind (("M-m" . jump-char-forward)))

File init.el

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 (load "files/smex")
 (load "files/ack")
 (load "files/allout")
+(load "files/navigation")
 ;; vendor
 (vendor 'yasnippet)
 (vendor 'clippy 'clippy-describe-function)
 (vendor 'google-maps 'google-maps)
 (vendor 'elwm)
+(vendoe 'skeleton-complete)
+(skeleton-complete-global-mode t)
 (vendor 'flex-isearch)
 (global-flex-isearch-mode t)