.emacs.d / files / latex-mode.el

(eval-after-load "tex-mode"
     (fset 'tex-font-lock-suscript 'ignore)
     (define-key latex-mode-map (kbd "C-c d") 'my-latex-remove-command)))

(defun my-latex-remove-command ()
  "Unwrap the expression that point is in or before, also
removing the command name.  By command we understand a symbol
starting with \\ and followed by a block of text enclosed in {}."
  (let ((ok (sp-get-enclosing-sexp)))
     ;; we're inside the { } block
          (goto-char (sp-get ok :beg))
          (zap-to-char -1 ?\\ ))
     ;; test if we are in looking at the command fromt he front
     ((looking-at "\\\\")
      (zap-up-to-char 1 ?{)
     ;; otherwise we're inside the command name
      (zap-to-char -1 ?\\ )
      (zap-up-to-char 1 ?{)
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