Reset single user fails on Postgresql

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Issue #15 resolved
Geoff Jacobs created an issue

Resetting a single user complains that it cannot find the column 'Username'

Note that resetting all users still works.

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  1. Marina Ferraz McCashin

    @grimsy When you say "complains that it cannot find the column" is that in the logs or does the end user see an error?

    I can't replicate the issue at the moment so more information or screenshots would be helpful.

  2. Geoff Jacobs reporter

    Thanks @marina_ferraz, I'll try to reproduce and let you know. I seem to remember that was a message displayed to the end user.

  3. Geoff Jacobs reporter

    Postgres 9.2 Full log file sent via email as it contains instance specific information.

  4. Marina Ferraz McCashin


    The repository is public so please be a bit more conservative with your comments. Can you please ask around and see if someone can show you how to test the application?


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