This little repo contains Python code demonstrating how to use the GRIDSMART Processor API to download traffic data files from a GRIDSMART System that is licensed for the Performance or Performance Plus Module.


Clone the repo to your local machine in a folder called gtipy and make sure that that gtipy folder is in your Python path. You'll need a well-stocked and recent scientific Python 2.x distribution including numpy, pandas, requests, matplotlib, etc. We use and recommend Anaconda.

If you have access to a GRIDSMART site, look at and try and the Jupyter (formerly IPython) notebook demo-notebook. Dig into and if you need to customize further or are looking for more features.

Also be sure to look doc folder of this repo for more detailed specifications about the contents of the different data files you get from the GRIDSMART System via the API.

Contact if you need more help.