display folder images as ubooquity does

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Issue #5 on hold
HypKin created an issue

ubooquity displays folder images - could you display those too?

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  1. Gauntlet repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I've had a quick check of the opds-feeds, those images are not exposed there. I will request Tom to include them.

  2. Gauntlet repo owner

    It's now on Tom's todo list for Ubooquity so until then this issue is on hold. I will however include at some point in the near future a small number of theming options as an alternative.

  3. Gauntlet repo owner

    I had an idea about a work around until it gets implemented properly. If you were to store a copy of the folder.jpg inside of a folder.cbz file this should show up in the OPDS feed and I would be able to use it in the app!

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