srrDB uploader

This repository contains my own uploader for https://www.srrdb.com: srrdb.py, along with a collection of other scripts from various people.

Next to uploading .srr files, it allows you to add files to the correct release page without needing to have a .srr file. This is useful for backfilling .srs files in batch.

Other scripts

This list of other scripts is not maintained by myself and can be out of date. Let me know of any improvements to apply.

  • srrup.pl: SRR uploader written in Perl
  • srrup.sh: SRR uploader written in Bash
  • rTorrent: contains Perl script that will create and upload SRRs to srrDB after a torrent completes. Needs to be added to .rtorrent.rc. https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent
  • ruTorrent: a plugin for the ruTorrent webinterface to manually create and upload an SRR with a click. Useful when completing missing files afterwards. https://github.com/Novik/ruTorrent

Do contribute to srrdb.com and help us to motivate the right people!