X Addons

Framework and collection of functions to extend Monkey's functionality. The code is based on what has worked in various games and/or been useful to me for quickly testing.

This was a previously private code base for my games. The thing is, it's grown very large and I worry that my drive could crash and I would lose it. So now it's public. Although I won't have much if any documentation other than the documentation written for me.

Note: If you for whatever reason decide to use anything here, be warned that not all of it is used by me and may be left over old code that I no longer maintain.


Why is it called XAddon?

Because it contained a bunch of miscellaneous code from games and tests I had made. So I just decided to call it the "X" (misc) addons or "XAddon" for short. Later Monkey was renamed to Monkey X and it made X Addon fit in way better than originally intended. XAddon grew much larger than I had planned when I started it. It wasn't originally a game framework that sat on top of mojo, which is why its name was appropriate before. Nowadays its name is probably not very well suited to it.