bind9-clone / bind.keys

/* $Id: bind.keys,v 2011-01-04 19:15:12 each Exp $ */
# This file contains current trust anchors for the DNS root zone (".")
# and for the ISC DNSSEC Lookaside Validation zone ("").  It is
# provided within BIND 9 for convenience of configuration.  To use these
# keys, copy the trusted-keys statement below into named.conf, or else set
# named.conf to "include" this file.
# These keys are current as of January 2011.  If any key fails to
# work correctly, it may have expired.  In that event, you should
# replace this file with a current version.  The latest version of
# bind.keys can always be obtained from ISC at
# (NOTE: If this file is used via the "include" directive in named.conf,
# then it is NOT advisable to modify it.  In BIND 9.7 and higher, this file
# is used directly by named.  Upgrades to BIND may overwrite the file and
# eliminate any user-configured keys.  Furthermore, in those versions of
# BIND, this file can only be used for a specific set of domain names, and
# any other trust anchors configured here would be ignored.  So, while it
# is possible to use this file for other trust anchors in BIND 9.6, doing
# so may lead to problems when you upgrade.)
trusted-keys {
	# ISC DLV: See for details. 257 3 5 "BEAAAAPHMu/5onzrEE7z1egmhg/WPO0+juoZrW3euWEn4MxDCE1+lLy2 brhQv5rN32RKtMzX6Mj70jdzeND4XknW58dnJNPCxn8+jAGl2FZLK8t+ 1uq4W+nnA3qO2+DL+k6BD4mewMLbIYFwe0PG73Te9fZ2kJb56dhgMde5 ymX4BI/oQ+cAK50/xvJv00Frf8kw6ucMTwFlgPe+jnGxPPEmHAte/URk Y62ZfkLoBAADLHQ9IrS2tryAe7mbBZVcOwIeU/Rw/mRx/vwwMCTgNboM QKtUdvNXDrYJDSHZws3xiRXF1Rf+al9UmZfSav/4NWLKjHzpT59k/VSt TDN0YUuWrBNh";
	# ROOT KEY: See
	# for current trust anchor information.
	. 257 3 8 "AwEAAagAIKlVZrpC6Ia7gEzahOR+9W29euxhJhVVLOyQbSEW0O8gcCjF FVQUTf6v58fLjwBd0YI0EzrAcQqBGCzh/RStIoO8g0NfnfL2MTJRkxoX bfDaUeVPQuYEhg37NZWAJQ9VnMVDxP/VHL496M/QZxkjf5/Efucp2gaD X6RS6CXpoY68LsvPVjR0ZSwzz1apAzvN9dlzEheX7ICJBBtuA6G3LQpz W5hOA2hzCTMjJPJ8LbqF6dsV6DoBQzgul0sGIcGOYl7OyQdXfZ57relS Qageu+ipAdTTJ25AsRTAoub8ONGcLmqrAmRLKBP1dfwhYB4N7knNnulq QxA+Uk1ihz0=";