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Project    : mediastreamer2 - a modular sound and video processing and streaming
Email      :
License    : GPLv2 or Commercial licensing
Home Page  :

Commercial support and licensing is provided by Belledonne Communications

Mediastreamer2 is a library to make audio and
video real-time streaming and processing. Written in pure C,
it is based upon the ortp library.


Using mediastreamer2 will allow you to chain filters in a graph. Each
filter will be responsible for doing some kind of processing and will
deliver data to the next filter. As an example, you could get some
data from network and unpack it in an RTP filter. This RTP filter will
deliver the data to a decoder (speex, G711...) which will deliver it
to a filter that is able to play the PCM data or record it into a .wav

There is a doxygen documentation for more information.

Compilation and installation

* Required dependencies:
	- oRTP
	- libspeex and libspeexdsp
* Optional dependencies (for video to be enabled, see --enable-video):
	- libavcodec
	- libswscale
	- x11 with libxv-dev on linux
	- theora

 For Linux, MacOS, mingw compilation:

   $> ./configure
   $> make
   $> su -c 'make install'

 For Windows with Visual Studio 2008 IDE, open build/win32native/mediastreamer2.sln

More instructions and advices can be found for the mingw compilation procedure in Linphone's README.mingw.

Contact information:

Use the *linphone* mailing list for question about mediastreamer2.
Subscribe here: