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Update docs to reflect grauth changes

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 The .hgguestrepo file defines guests by specifying three things:
  * location: The location of the guest relative to the root of the parent
-   repository.
+   repository. A path outside the root is allowed if a .grauth file exists
+   in any parent directory of the intended location.
  * remote id: The name of a remote path defined in the .hggrmapping file.
  * changeset id: A Mercurial identifier e.g., a tag, bookmark, changeset
    hash, branch, or other future identifier resolvable to a
-`hg grsync [guestrepo...]`
+`hg grsync[guestrepo...]`
 Update each guest repo to the changeset identifier in the .hgguestrepo file.
 The changeset identifier can be a branch, tag, changeset hex, bookmark, or
 Ben Smith
+Graham Helliwell