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I am trying to increase the size of the NMA vectors, which are produced by pymol (modes,..) command.

I could see that all vectors are assigned to a single object, which is then loaded by cmd.load_cgo(obj, 'vecs').

Is there any way to manipulate with the size of all cones and cylinders, by operating only on the 'obj' variable?


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  1. karolk

    It did not work, it only increases their length without increasing their diameter (thickness), but I found another way. I used to increase their size. Their colouring does not follow a default colouring mode, where red arrows are longer, while these corresponding to motions of smaller amplitude are blue, but the script does more less what I wanted.

    You can close this ticket, unless you know how to operate on all vectors at the same time, that is, as I said before, diameter/length of all CYLINDERS and the same for CONES.

    thanks anyway cheers

    thanks karol

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