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Buildable OpenWatcom

I was tired of how difficult it was to build OpenWatcom on GNU/Linux. I like to build F/OSS things myself. This repo includes the necessary changes to OpenWatcom's build scripts to build a complete OpenWatcom on x86 GNU/Linux. It will also build on x86_64, so long as you have the necessary x86 libraries for bootstrapping (libc and libstdc++). Since OpenWatcom builds static binaries based on its own C and C++ libraries, these dependencies are only required for bootstrapping.

I've only changed the build scripts; it was possible but extraordinarily difficult to do a complete build with the mainline, due to some incorrect bootstrap dependencies and circular non-bootstrap dependencies. My version builds on GNU/Linux but probably will not build on DOS, Windows, etc.

To build it, check it out OVER a fresh extraction of OpenWatcom:

$ pwd
$ hg clone -U
$ mv openwatcom/.hg .
$ rmdir openwatcom/
$ hg up -C

Then use to build it:

$ bash

Hopefully it will work. If it doesn't, tell me :)