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When i set the user bandwith at 130 kbit/s it only set it at 104 kbits/s

(the maximum supported by mumble client is 134.4 kbits/s)

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  1. David Patton

    Anonymous is correct, the bandwidth slider is broken. For larger values (greater than 96kbit/s) it always puts a lower number into the sqlite database than what the GUI shows. I can work around this by using sqlite to manually put the correct value into the SQLite database but the next time I use YuLLi it will revert back to incorrect values. Some examples:

    GUI Says, Value Written to SQLite DB

    130kb/s , 104000

    120kb/s , 96000

    Ok i see now, the GUI value is being multiplied by 800. The value should be multiplied by 1000 since you are not converting bits to bytes. The conversion is kbit/s to bits per second. Ie. a slider value of 130kbit/s should result in 130000 not 104000.

    The mumble client's GUI supports up to "124.8kbit/s" and the murmur documentation says it supports up to 130000 bits per second. I think having the slider max out at 130kbit/s is a good call but the value should be multiplied by 1000 not 800 to get the correct value.

    Thank you, David

  2. David Patton

    Wow that was quick! :) How often do new versions get compiled so I can grab an updated copy? Much thanks,


    P.S. - Nevermind - I just grabbed the corrected build from your website. Thank you again!

  3. Hizzi

    Hello, first i thank you for the fix and the app but then... I found this who said that max client bandwith use is 133.6 kbit/s

    and then let me show you my screenshot of mumble client (open picture in another tab of window to zoom in)

    mumble screen shot.png

    the mumble client send me this: "Server maximum network bandwidth is only 130 kbit/s. Audio quality auto-adjusted to 91 kbit/s (10 ms)"

    you can also see that the bandwith include :voice+overheadUDP+overheadIP+Positionalaudio

    So i think you can increase the max bandwith to be sure that audio quality will be not auto-adjusted.

    Sorry for my poor english

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