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Hi, Yesterday I tryied backup/restore feature in Yulli but there is a problem. Yully generate correctly a backup XML file of a selected Port but doesn't restore the file. Example: I launch a backup request for channel 12400 > The file XML of channel 12400 are correctly created > I stop virtual server and delete 12400 port succesfully > I try to restore the XML file of port 12000, Yulli give me a succesfully message of restore but instead the port 12400 are not present in the list and the virtual server 12400 doesn't exist. Any suggest are welcome Thanks Max

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  1. Anton Demidov repo owner

    Backup does not contain a port. You can restore the backup file on any virtual server with any port. Port of the server will not change, but internal server settings will.

    If you need it you can manually edit the port 12000 to 12400 in your case.

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