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The only thing that can make this program better would be to have an inline channel viewer.

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  1. Anton Demidov repo owner

    CVP is a server-side feature, but Yulli is a client-side app. If you mean just displaying channels and users in "status" tab then it won't be added in desktop version.

  2. James

    Hello Sir, Thank you so much for bugs #2/3 you rock and respond so quickly. I opted in for beta testing to help the cause.

    My scenario is, I would like to be able to see the users online and which channel they are in on the Yulli tool, I do not understand exactly what ICE can and does transfer through that port or the capabilities. But if the possibility of seeing an organized channel viewer in Yulli is possible, that would be awesome.

  3. James

    ADDITION: I know that you could technically look at the server log to determine who is actually online, but for larger servers that is a headache. Being able to click a tab (again I do not fully understand the capabilities of ICE) labeled "channels" and to see who is in each channel would be awesome.

  4. Anton Demidov repo owner

    shatteredflames, this is technically possible to display channels with users using Ice, without server logs. But actually it doesn't give any benefits for a single admin who uses Yulli, because of that I don't want implement of it. I understand this feature only for many users to display info on a web page.

    Beta testing on a public web edition of Yulli was freezed for a while. We plan to resume development in next coming months. If all goes well then users, who was subscribed there, will receive email notification.

    CVP is one of the feature that will be available there.

  5. James

    HarpyWar, I am a single server admin and private host with windows server 2012 and would love this capability. Mainly because its nice to look and see who is logged into your server without having to comb through the server log. Also people may be logged on but may be idle. I understand if there is no planned implementation of this feature into future editions of Yulli, and can look for an ICE deployment for channel viewer. Thanks for your time.

  6. Anton Demidov repo owner

    May be I will have time to make this feature, but I can not promise. Now I have other priorities.

  7. James

    Its all good sir, the program is already a gem! Thanks for the hard work that you have already put into the program and thank you for any further work that you may do.

    When I launched Murmur as a service, I started using Yulli to view my logs and quickly started using it for one hundred percent of server required interaction.

    Thanks Again, this program is awesome!

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