I can change server password but I can't remove it!

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Diogo Costa created an issue

Hi, I've been using Yulli for about 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying it, it's simple but has lots of awesome features like backup.

Unfortunately I've noticed that using the tool I can only change the server password and I can't remove the password: I need your help because I used to configure the mumble server through the .ini file but now even if I remove it there the mumble server continues with the password shown on Yulli.

I would also recommend to add a Channel Viewer URL to this awesome tool so the users coud add a server viewer to their websites, etc... And a ultra customizable ACL editor.

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  1. Anton Demidov repo owner

    What do you meaning by "can't remove a password"? I just tried and it is possible set/unset password.

    Note that ini file is just a configuration template for new servers. Then all the settings are stored in a database (sqlite or mysql).

  2. Diogo Costa reporter

    Just forget it...

    I was able to delete the password and save the settings but as soon as I got into , for example, logs and back again to settings the previous password was still there (like if I didn't erased the password)... What I've done was to backup the server, go to the backup file and erase the "password" item then I restored the backup and the password box was empty! I'm pretty sure this is a bug but it's easy to repair...

    Keep the awesome job you've been doing!

  3. Anton Demidov repo owner

    I can't confirm it becaise it works properly for me.

    Please, provide exact reproduction steps to repeat the issue.

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