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Keepass v 2.16 running as 32-bit application on MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

(a) Unable to login using valid email/password. Credentials proven by logging in to

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi there, I found the plugin not working on any of my machines, Win 7 x64 as well as XP 32bit.

    I hope this can be fixed as I don't want the DropBox Application running on all machines (especially my work computers).

    Thanks in advance, Milan

  2. Anonymous

    Same problem here. Win 7, x64, DropBox login credentials verified at Get "Email or passwoird incorrect." Authentication error.

  3. Anonymous

    Same error using Win 7 x64

    Using the dev plugin, i received the following message:

    {"error": "Only the app owner can receive access token while this app is in development mode."} Forbidden

  4. Anonymous

    Hi HexRx, I could login now, but right now I'm trying to figure out how I can use it.. any hints or a readme would help a lot.

    Thanks, Milan

  5. Anonymous

    Ahh, OK, just added an entry and on save it automatically saved the *.kdbx to the dropbox. But it did it in the root. I hope you will add options to select a folder the file gets saved to.



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