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Please supply some documentation. The description says it saves the database to a dropbox account. My questions: - Does it just save the database or does it sync the local and the dropbox database. - If it syncs, does it sync in both directions? Would it sync across different computers? When is the sync started (e.g. when Keepass starts or the local database changes)? Thanks for your help in advance!

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  1. gas_85

    Hallo! I made a small test to investigate this issue for myself. 1. Make changes (new "Test" entry add) on PC with Dropbox installed and synchronise as usually. 2. On PC without Dropbox I use this plug-in and just click on "save DB". 3. No "Test" entry add into DB and copy of DB on a Dropbox replaced by second step.

    This means this plug-in will just upload your DB to your dropbox account and in case replace old version, but not synchronise anything.

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