KPDataSave runs only till 28. Spetember

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It seems, that the developer of the addon did not aggred to the last app changes. Due to that reason. the plugin will only run till 28. Speptember 2017. (see screenshot)

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  1. Stephen Cronin

    Unfortunately I can't read that. Is it actually the plugin author saying that they won't update it?

    I got the following email from Dropbox, which say it will stop working on 28th unless changes are made to it:

    On September 28, 2017, we’ll be making some changes to Dropbox that will likely affect the following 3rd party apps linked to your Dropbox account: KPDataSave. You’re receiving this email because you’ve used these apps at least once within the past month.

    While we’ve informed all developers about our upcoming changes, the developers for the apps listed above have yet to update their apps accordingly. If they don’t update their apps before September 28, these apps will no longer be able to access Dropbox. That said, any data already saved in Dropbox won’t be affected and will still be accessible from our official web, mobile, and desktop clients.

    As a recent user of these apps, we recommend you take the following actions:

    Review how you use these apps, especially if you use them to access Dropbox If you rely on these apps to store data in Dropbox, we suggest exporting or backing up any data from these apps before the September 28 deadline.

    We understand changes like these can be inconvenient. We hope that the recommendations above help you plan accordingly. If you have any questions about these apps, please contact the apps through their support channels.

    The Dropbox Team

    Really hoping this can be fixed.

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