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Where can I find documentation on how to use the plugin? Once I put the plugin file in the keepass directory what should I expect to see when I open keepass?

I assume I have to enter my dropbox username/password somewhere, but I can't find any documentation on the plugin. There is not even a readme file in the download zip. Is the information somewhere on this site?

Thanks for creating this plugin. I just wish I knew how to use it.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm also unsure how to actually use this plugin. Is there info anywhere on the site on setup? Have looked in KP itself and found nothing :\

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    from KeyPass's web site... If the plugin doesn't provide explicit instructions how to install it, follow these steps:

    Download the plugin from the page above and unpack the ZIP file to a directory of your choice. Copy the unpacked plugin files into the KeePass directory (where the KeePass.exe is) or a subdirectory of it. Restart KeePass in order to load the new plugin. In other words, to "install" a plugin you simply need to copy it somewhere into the KeePass directory.

    To "uninstall" a plugin, delete the plugin files.

    Then start KeyPass, select "Tools" from the menu, and at the bottom of the menu is "KPDataSave", click it. Select "Sign In", you will then be redirected to Dropbox to sign into your account and approve KPDataSave to access your DropBox account. Accept this, then go back to KeyPass, select Accept from the dialog box that's there, then close the dialog box. Now your plug in is ready to use. Anytime you save your KeyPass database file it will automatically be updated on Dropbox.

    To "unregister" this plug in from your dropbox account, log into the dropbox web site and select "account" from the upper left hand corner, then the "My Apps" tab. You should see KPDataSave on the list. Click the "x" on the right side and accept the uninstall question to remove KPDataSave access to your dropbox account.

    Hope this helps. Mike Marcott

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I have the plugin setup, and when I open my local keepass database, make changes and save I see that it saves the changes to my dropbox account, but I would like to find out if it is possible to load your keepass database directly from dropbox, and if so how?

    Thanks Patric

  4. Merlijn Boogerd

    I think the idea might have been that Dropbox already provides a service to generate a URL for any of your files, which can be loaded from KeePass. I tried saving the file to dropbox, starting from a local file, which worked fine (saves to your dropbox root folder). I also successfully loaded the file from a URL generated by Dropbox. However, in the latter case saving fails (it tries saving to a non-ftp address, which is not supported) with an error message, after which the dropbox-save gets started but seems to hang.

    Great work though so far! I'm looking forward to having this as a portable app, preconfigured to load the file from my dropbox. I hope you can find a way to completely override the default load/save with a dropbox load/save. If the plugin also supports subscribing to file-updates, you could perhaps use the default keepass synch to provide full online synchronization between multiple keepass instances! That'd be Swell :)

    Thanks a lot for the work done so far!

  5. Aleksei Podstavin

    Hello. the plugin does not work, can not connect to the DropBox. writes: Error executing query. check your internet connection.

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