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Exerelin / 4XDesign

Some gameplay and code ideas for 4X gameplay in Exerelin.

Invasion mechanics redux (tied to space battle outcome)


  • There is no longer a separate "battle response fleet" and "marine invasion" stage. Response fleets no longer hang around and generally behave like normal fleets. Instead, fighting the invasion fleet in space is considered an invasion attempt in itself.
  • When on the battle screen, the friendly and enemy marine counts are visible at the top of the screen.
  • Every x seconds, the two sides' marines shoot at each other, inflicting losses. If the defender's marine count drops to zero, the market is captured.
    • Only part of each force (sqrt(marineCount)*10) can actually "fire" in any given round
  • Depending on market size, 0-4 space objectives are seeded around the map; capture them to boost our side
    • Command Sat: Increases marine strength 20%
    • Marine Comm Relay: Allows 10% more of our marines to fire at once
      • Maybe reuse regular comm relays for this
  • When one side wins a space engagement round, autoresolve for y seconds of shooting; assume winner has control of all the marine objectives
  • When one side wins the battle, autoresolve till one marine side wins; assume winner has control of all the marine objectives
    • Player may decide to cut their losses early, but enemy gets z seconds of free attacks to represent difficulty in withdrawing
  • NPC invasions always autoresolve
  • Response fleets only chase an invasion fleet for 0.25 - 0.5 days before going straight home and despawning.

Possible issues

  • What happens if the response fleet has been wiped out and can't spawn any more? Do we not get to invade?
    • Possibility: Minimum response fleet size (can always spawn at least this big a fleet indefinitely)
    • Maybe even make reserve unlimited; so it always spawns a full strength fleet on an invasion attempt
  • If we bring enough marines and can stall a superior space opposition long enough, we could win the invasion without defeating the defending fleets.
    • Call this a feature?
  • Okay, logically speaking... why doesn't the invader win the space battle and then worry about boots on the ground?

Hard mode

Player faction gets:

  • Major dominance rating increase for agents/diplomacy
  • Killing enemy response fleets prompts retaliation fleets sent at homeworld
  • Permadeath on faction loss
  • Disable defections?

Also look at implementing decapitation mode